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Aug 14, 2014

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WOOF stands for Working Out Our Fears. This blog hop was started by my pal Oz the Terrier to help reactive dogs overcome their issues.

The Kangaroo leash also has this rubber loop to absorb shock. There is nylon leash material where the loop is too. I think that is to prevent the rubber loop from overstretching. I have not yet pulled the leash hard enough to flatten out the loop. I imagine a big dog could pull hard enough to flatten out the leash, but I cant. The training aspect of this leash is the resistance a dog feels as they pull on the rubber loop. This way a dog feels the resistance before the leash is completely stretched out. I imaging that would lessen the jerk on a human’s arm. I don’t know for sure because I can’t pull that hard. Mom says it feels like I don’t pull as hard when we use the Kangaroo leash, so it must be working.


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