8 Stocking Stuffers for Your Pet or Pet Lover in Your Life

The magic of the holidays shouldn’t be reserved only for people. Pets can and should be able to experience the joy of holidays, too! That’s why we’re sharing our favorite seven stocking stuffers for the people and pets in your life this holiday season! From eco-friendly pet bowls to novelty protein pet treats and even enamel pin sets, these are the best gifts for your favorite pet and pet lover in 2023!


“Dog Has Been Fed” Reversible Magnet

red and blue dog magnet. one side says "I was fed" the other side says "feed me"

Do you and your family, partner or roommates get swindled on a weekly or nightly basis by your pet? If your cat or dog has become accustomed to getting a second or third meal in the morning or evening, then you need a “pet has been fed” reversible magnet for your fridge. This simple 2-sided system lets anyone in your home know if your pet has or hasn’t been fed yet. We know you’ll love it, your pet’s vet will love it, but your pet will probably hate that their multi-dinner antics will be nearly totally curbed.

Kinn Kleanbowl

Is your pet a picky eater? Do they seem to avoid their water bowl or food bowl? Even though your pet’s bowl looks clean, pets can smell and taste germs and bacteria that we can’t see, taste, or smell. Kinn Kleanbowl has been proven to improve pet’s oral health. Improved oral health in pets can add up to 4 years to a pet’s life. Fresh water bowls encourage pets to drink more water, especially in the winter when they are just as susceptible to dehydration as they are in the summer.

Freeze-Dried Duck Treats

Novelty protein treats have quickly grown in popularity in the pet treat category. Novelty proteins typically include proteins like duck, bison, or other types of proteins that aren’t typically found in food or treats. Freeze-dried novelty protein treats are perfect for your pet or the pet lover in your life who wants to expand their pet’s palate. Freeze-dried treats are great to add as a topper on pet’s dry or raw food to give it a little something extra.

Enamel Pin Set

Express your love for dogs of all sizes and types with an enamel pin set featuring different dog breeds and types. Use these to decorate your bag, jacket, dog’s harness or any where else you want to share your love for dogs! This is a wonderful gift for the dog walker or pet lover you know.

Magnetic Wine Charms


Is it still drinking alone if you’re doing it with your pet? We’ll be mulling over that thought and other musings with our wine glass and magnetic wine charms. This is an excellent way to keep your glasses organized during social hours at home or if you just want to add a cute piece of flare to your wine glass.

Paw Balm

Dry hands and feet isn’t something that just plagues people. Pets can suffer from dry paws and noses which can cause discomfort, cracking, and even bleeding if it’s not addressed. Paw nectar or a balm can alleviate dry, itchy paws and noses. Especially during the winter when skin and paws are more susceptible it itchiness, cracking, and dryness due to the dry weather.

Bacon Ice Cream for Dogs

Ice cream for dogs? Why not? Dogs deserve a sweet treat too! If you can dream it, it probably exists. Well, your dog has probably been dreaming of a tasty, bacon-flavored cool treat. But, if you asked us, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t a little curious about the taste.

Party-In-A-Box for Pets

Pet birthday parties and Gotcha Days have become a popular gathering for pet parents and pet lovers alike. In fact, some months we get invited to more pet birthday parties than we do people! Party-in-a-box sets make throwing a pet a celebration easy and fun! Featuring a cake pan, pet-safe cake mix, and a birthday bandana, your pet is ready to party!