Kinn Nurture by design

         American Humane AssociationDesigned in California with Veterinarians Since 2011

Koala™ Plush-Comfort Collar™


The unsurpassed comfort that you and your pet deserve. Super soft fleece liner is all that touches your best friends. Velcro tag silencer keeps tags away from your pet’s skin and fur while stopping the clanking. Non-slip adjustment so that … Read more →

Kangaroo Plus™ Plush-Comfort Leash + Bag Dispenser™


The unsurpassed comfort that you and your pet deserve. Super soft fleece handle with customizable opening adjustment

Krocodile® – Pill Splitter and Crusher

Split or Crush Pills Safely


Krocodile™ is a 2-in-1 device that rapidly splits and crushes pills so pets can swallow them safely.

Kase™ – Portable Treat & Pill Dispenser

Take Homemade Treats on the Go


Kase™ is a stylish portable treat and pill dispenser

Kudose Ultra™ – Pet Treat Maker / Pill Concealer for Dogs and Cats

Hide Pills in Homemade Treats


Kudose Ultra™ pill concealer easily transforms pet pills into treats. Your pets will love taking their pills!

Pet Treat Kapsules™


The Pet Treat Kapsule™ is designed to be filled easily and quickly with your pet’s favorite customized treat

Katalyst Bottles – 2pk


Make sure to have plenty of Katalyst bottles on hand to whip up different-flavored Kudose Ultra™ treats quickly.

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